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Seri–Tourism ‘Silk World’ at Yercaud – An innovative tourism approach

Tourism is an act of travelling for recreation to a tourism important place which in turn helps in transferring social, cultural, political values among the folks. Tourism which nurtures knowledge on a specific subject in an experiential learning mode may be described as Educative Tourism or Edutainment. Agri-Tourism, Eco-Tourism are parts of this concept and […]

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Precision Farming – Science and Technology for a Sustainable Agriculture

“Science and Technology for a Sustainable future” has been marked as the theme for ‘National Science day’ (28th February) by Government of India to commemorate the discovery of Raman Effect by the Indian physicist Sir C.V. Raman. And here it is to say that the principles of Raman spectroscopy have been employed in various scientific research […]

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Industry 4.0 – Alias environment 1.0 – An expectation

Manufacturing sector attained its superlative mode on the advent of the First industrial revolution during the late 18th century which took place in Britain. Revolution in manufacturing sector could be described as “mechanization to maximize production”. Initially steam power was used to run machines to increase production in the industries. Steam rail engines made displacement […]

Agri Clinics and the Agri Business Centres MANAGE
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Importance of Agri Clinics and the Agri Business Centres for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Growing need to impart the best agricultural technologies – for quality improvement and mechanization – for quantity improvement, the best of the best extension support is needed by the farmers. With shrinking agricultural lands, intensive farming is considered to be a vital solution to improve the productivity to feed the huge growing population. But, the […]