Synthetic biology pros and cons iucn
Biodiversity Plant Biotechnology

Humans are genetically reprogramming nature but synthetic biology has its own benefits

Synthetic biology – altering or redesigning genes to meet human objectives – is a fast-developing field with significant potential impacts on nature conservation, according to the Genetic frontiers for conservation assessment report. So far mostly applied in agriculture and medicine, synthetic biology could have substantial knock-on effects on conservation – including modified genes spreading to […]

GMO Myths fears scientific explanations good or bad

Common myths on GMOs and Convincing solutions

wake up call for GM science in India

Wake up call for GM science in India

GM crops - technology needed

GM crops: The technology to be regulated Not to be avoided !!!

Revolutionary Bt crops: Airing out the safety of a robust technology

Revolutionary Bt crops: Airing out the safety of a robust technology

Agriculture in History

What Thirukkural, classic Tamil couplets says about Agriculture and Farmers ?

By nurturing the good values of ethics, economy and ecstasy, Thiruvalluvar gained a unique place in the arena of literature and lives of humans. Contraction of great philosophies in two lines is the exponential stamp of Thiruvalluvar and his work Thirukkural. Ancient Tamil poet Avvaiyar quotes, “Thiruvalluvar pierced an atom and injected seven seas into […]

air pollution

Gasping for Fresh air: The crisis of Air pollution


Environment should be an Election topic !

Success of plastic ban in tamilnadu

Plastic Ban : Will Tamil Nadu stand a chance ?

Nehru and his Legacy of Indian Agriculture

How Nehruvian era shaped the future of Indian Agriculture ?

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