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Common myths on GMOs and Convincing solutions

Having dealt with the fundamentals of GMOs in our previous seven articles, now it’s inevitable to focus on some of the most common myths on GMOs and we have provided convincing solutions to the same, thus establishing the safety of genetically engineered plants. Myth 1: 👿 Cultivation of GMOs is a serious threat to biodiversity. […]

wake up call for GM science in India

Wake up call for GM science in India

GM crops - technology needed

GM crops: The technology to be regulated Not to be avoided !!!

Revolutionary Bt crops: Airing out the safety of a robust technology

Revolutionary Bt crops: Airing out the safety of a robust technology

GM Crops – Not against nature but a mimic of nature..!

Food Science Op-ed Processing & Value Addition

India feeds the ‘Bins’ rather than millions of starving Mouths

Love Your food, Hate Wasting Agriculture along with its allied sectors is the largest livelihood of India. About 82% farmers are small and marginal having holdings less than a hectare. A challenge for the Indian agricultural sector is feeding its ever growing population, even though India’s food grain production has kept a steady pace with […]

Water use effeciency

The Vogue of Water Users’ Association in Tamil Nadu

Correct way of tree planting afforestation

Tree Plantation – Are we on a right track?

women farmers india feminisation of agriculture

Farming is feminized! Is ‘she’ recognised?

industrial revolution 4.0 Vs Environment

Industry 4.0 – Alias environment 1.0 – An expectation