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Synthetic biology pros and cons iucn
Biodiversity Plant Biotechnology

Humans are genetically reprogramming nature but synthetic biology has its own benefits

Synthetic biology – altering or redesigning genes to meet human objectives – is a fast-developing field with significant potential impacts on nature conservation, according to the Genetic frontiers for conservation assessment report. So far mostly applied in agriculture and medicine, synthetic biology could have substantial knock-on effects on conservation – including modified genes spreading to […]

GMO Myths fears scientific explanations good or bad

Common myths on GMOs and Convincing solutions

wake up call for GM science in India

Wake up call for GM science in India

GM crops - technology needed

GM crops: The technology to be regulated Not to be avoided !!!

Revolutionary Bt crops: Airing out the safety of a robust technology

Revolutionary Bt crops: Airing out the safety of a robust technology


Food waste a bigger problem than food shortages: How Artificial Intelligence helps?

“How can we allow food to be thrown away when more than 820 million people in the world continue to go hungry every day?”, asked FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu in the foreword to his agency’s report? One-quarter of food bought by private households in the U.S. gets wasted. Also 6.7% of the greenhouse emissions come from […]

Small scale farming India

Do we have enough digital solutions to transform Small-holder Agriculture (SHA)?

Here’s 7 use cases of Big data in Agriculture

The Data Revolution in Agriculture

Data is the Key to Sustainable Agriculture

Drone pilots – the next wave of employment in Indian Agriculture 

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