Dr. M. Karunanidhi Has Done To Agriculture
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Is it true that Kalaingar Karunanidhi has done little less to Agriculture?

The onus for the ‘so-called’ backwardness of Tamil Nadu is often thrown upon Dravidian parties for their 50 years long rule in the state. “Agriculture is deteriorated by Dravidian Politics”, “No Dams since 50 years” are the common accusation in Social Media since few years. Why? Is it true that Dravidian Politics has done little […]


Karunanidhi is Scientists’ scientist – M S Swaminathan says in his tribute message

Among the numerous contributions of Dr M Karunanidhi to the development of Tamil Nadu, mention must be made of his monumental accomplishment in establishing outstanding universities like Anna University. The State Biotechnology Council and gender sensitive institutions like the Women’s Biotechnology Park are examples of his interest in taking science to the people. M S […]

Water use effeciency

The Vogue of Water Users’ Association in Tamil Nadu

In Tamil Nadu, the rapid growth and relative importance of groundwater as a source of irrigation demonstrates the progressive improvement in the quality of irrigation in terms of assured, adequate and timely supply of water to crops. Especially in the surface irrigation systems where scarcity in supply is experienced. The Tamil Nadu Water Resources Consolidation […]

Shallots small onion processing increasing shelf life
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Low price ? No more dumping onions in roads.. Incubation Center for Shallots in Perambalur have solution for that !

There are many infamous instances where the farmers dump their own produce on roadsides and dump yards. In the case of fast perishables like small onions also known as ‘shallots’ the occurrence is quite familiar. “Dumping the onions in roads is more profitable than taking it for sale” says a small farmer. But for Permabalur […]

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ICAR Tableau in R’Day parade portrays “Integrated Farming System”. Here’s the story of success farmer

Farming teaches man the way of living. In ancient times, farming had swung the cradle of civilisation. But its plight is remorsefully pathetic nowadays. Farming is underexploited and farmers are overexploited. To set things straight, both nature and future give us insightful solutions that we need to nurture. One such incredible solution to make farming […]

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What Tamil Nadu government should learn from its neighboring states in water management ?

Peninsular India is bestowed with adequate rainfall owing to its long coastline and influence of both Southwest and Northeast monsoon.  But it’s distinct geographical features requires it to effectively store rainwater and utilize it year around. Non perennial nature of peninsular rivers; undulating relief and underlying hard rocks makes it difficult to dig canals and […]