Environment Pollution & Climate Change

There is an urgent need for community centric climate responsible actions to tackle Climate change impacts – says Kamlesh Pathak, expert and advisor on Climate Change | Interview

Mr. Kamlesh Pathak is a management professional specialized in advising Government, Private Sectors and Civil Society Organization in emerging economies on issues of sustainable development with particular focus on on green growth, low-emission development, resource efficiency, cleaner production, circular economy and climate resilient investments. Currently he is more involved with scale climate finance mechanism (NDCs, NAMAs, NAPA, […]


Chennai Oil Spill: Lessons To Be Learnt !

Right from the advent of industrialisation, human activities have always impacted the environment. Upto what extent the damage caused is justifiable is debatable. There are sudden impacts such as nuclear radiations and there are slow impacts such as global warming. One such human activity which is currently taking a toll on our marine and coastal […]