Shallots small onion processing increasing shelf life
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Low price ? No more dumping onions in roads.. Incubation Center for Shallots in Perambalur have solution for that !

There are many infamous instances where the farmers dump their own produce on roadsides and dump yards. In the case of fast perishables like small onions also known as ‘shallots’ the occurrence is quite familiar. “Dumping the onions in roads is more profitable than taking it for sale” says a small farmer. But for Permabalur […]

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Better Agriculture and Better Nutrition are two sides of the same coin : Indian Nutritional security scenario

India has only 3% are world’s land resource and 5% of world’s water resource. Yet, India is second larger food producer in world and also second in production of fruits and vegetables. On the contrary, Indian Medical Council report 2015 said that 12 to 13% of population in India die due to non availability of […]

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Stunning flower arrangement styles that you can Do it by yourself

Are you bored with your normal worktable? Is it bored to look at the same plastic flowers everyday? Are you  seeking different styles to decor your work place and home? Then read the article and enjoy  making  innovative  flower arrangements. Flowers are nature’s most beautiful creation. Any occasion is incomplete without flowers. Each flower represents an unique meaning. It gives aesthetic […]