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Bonsai Plants – The Miniature love | Bonsai care and Maintainance techniques for beginners

Loving to be the smaller one !  To be cared more !  To be the shorter one !  To be focused more !                                                – from a Miniature Love 🙂  There is always a love for miniature things. A special grace for the smallest. A large attention and affection towards the smaller one. You might have […]

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Eight Best flowering trees of India that you shouldn’t miss in your garden

Flowering trees are important component of any Home Garden irrespective of its size. Blossoms brings chirping birds, delightful fragrance and feeling of rejoice. Such flowering trees should also be native of the land for long life and minimal care. Here starts the countdown of best flowering trees for any Indian Garden…  #8. Champak Tree (Magnolia […]

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Top easy growing Medicinal plants of India to have in your home garden

Our ancestor’s used to go for “herbal remedies” which is very effective.  Indian forests are known for the greatest repository of medicinal plants.  And Indian traditional system like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and tribal medicines depends on these medicinal plants as their raw materials. But nowadays most of us are living in urbanized environment  prefer only […]