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This Startup by Nutritionists is redefining food industry with millets

Bewust Foods was founded by a group of Nutritionists, is a startup recognized by Government of Rajasthan (i start), India. It is also selected as one of incubatee of National Institute of Agricultural Marketing. Here’s an interview with Tanu Shree Singh, research enthusiast, dietician and also cofounder of Bewust foods. She speaks to IMoT Agri […]

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Passion towards travel and food landed him a Social Entrepreneur in food industry

Monks Bouffe is a Social enterprise working on highlighting the importance of Food, Farming (Ecological) & Nutrition by creating products like Peanut butter. Here’s the interview of IMoT Agri Forum with its cofounder and CEO Gaurang H. Motta. He takes on questions ranging from right nutrition to entrepreneurship hurdles in Food Processing industry. Social entrepreneurship […]

Why Fortification is necessary in India
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Food Fortification: A step towards ‘Malnutrition free India’

Scooping my thoughts on the news I came across recent past events associated with National Nutrition Week early September, FSSAI’s new fortification guidelines 2018 , and also those alleged claims by  Swadeshi Jagaran Manch convener Ashwani Mahajan that Fortification is against cultural beliefs, necessitated me to dive into this topic, Food Fortification. Food fortification Resource […]