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Peroorkada – a residential locality in Trivandrum that inspires India in Waste Management at source.!

A report from Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) says that the Indian urban population of 377 million (Census of India, 2011) generates around 1.5 Lakh metric tonnes of municipal solid waste per day. In 2017, with the urban population having risen, the amount of waste generated has also increased. Collection of municipal waste is one […]

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This Earth Day what you will pledge?

Earth Day was instrumental in setting up of USEPA – Environmental Protection Agency which took measures to prevent degradation of environment. This movement has gained significance due to the complexity and consequences of problem we are facing-Climate Change. Large Scale Deforestation, unscrupulous burning of fossil fuels, usage of chemicals with high ODP – Ozone Depleting Potential, huge emission of Green House Gases, unsustainable use of natural resources have led to severe environmental degradation affecting a wide range of organisms.

Climate change
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Fighting Climate Change in the Indian way – Analysis of strength and challenges

I believe WE, the human beings are the epitome of the word “development”. The development rate during industrial era is something unprecedented. With 8.7 million species (and still a lot to be uncovered), Homo sapiens have carved a niche for themselves. Such was man’s dominance that it lead to creation of a new age – […]