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Humans are genetically reprogramming nature but synthetic biology has its own benefits

Synthetic biology – altering or redesigning genes to meet human objectives – is a fast-developing field with significant potential impacts on nature conservation, according to the Genetic frontiers for conservation assessment report. So far mostly applied in agriculture and medicine, synthetic biology could have substantial knock-on effects on conservation – including modified genes spreading to […]

wake up call for GM science in India
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Wake up call for GM science in India

Having dealt with the fundamentals of GMOs in our previous issues, now it’s inevitable to focus on the regulatory bodies managing the research, safety and commercialization of GMOs. As described in our earlier articles, the research involving in genetic manipulation is strictly coordinated at various levels in India. At the university level, any researcher willing […]

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Food sustainability: Navigating by plant biotechnology – 1 (Introduction)

Fasten your seat belt: Towards understanding ATGC… One of the earliest bases for the establishment of civilization is ‘Agriculture’, the domestication of desired plants. The primary objective of agriculture, right from Dark Age to the present Genomic era is to develop improved versions of plants that satisfy the needs of that time. Let’s time travel […]