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IMoT Agri Forum and it’s e-magazine The Agraria are Knowledge sharing platforms on Agriculture and Environment and we appreciate your interest in sharing your knowledge.

Submission guidelines

Address: All your pitch/submissions/correspondence/queries are to be sent to contact@imotforum.com for IMoT Agri Forum and theagraria@imotforum.com for The Agraria e-magazine.

Consent: Your submission consumes our time on your behalf and thereby gives your consent for possible publication. So be sure before submitting your article. 

Word Count: We rarely read anything longer than 3000 words; Minimum length of 300 words is necessary. So be precise in conveying your idea/opinion. The ideal length is 1000-1500 words. 

Mode: We prefer submissions be digital, as you may understand we are 100 percent digital. Other methods are possible – but only in exceptional circumstances and with the editor’s consent.

Formatting: Calibri font. Size 12. File format – preferably in mail – with content pasted in body of mail and photos attached to it with source mentioned. We may also accept it in .doc or .docx format but not in .pdf format

Important: Please explain your expertise on the subject that you have written. Send us your contact information and a small profile of who you are and what you do (3 or 4 lines will do), a twitter handle (if any) with the article.

Respect the above guidelines before submitting your article, because we equally feel heavy hearted when an article is rejected. These guidelines are subject to be changed/ enhanced only for your convenience, and the amendment rights are reserved for our editorial team.


With Love,
The IMoT Agri Forum Team.

Editorial Policy

1. Before reading our editorial policy, we recommend you to read our ‘mission’ page to understand us better.

2. We accept personal/creative writing, but provocative articles on political, societal, economic issues are appreciated. We are open to just about anything. Surprise us; we often don’t know what we’ll like until we read it once.

3. To save your time and ours in editing, we suggest you read a few of our articles before submitting. So that you may get some insights on our in-house style.

4. We discourage simultaneous submissions to two or more publications at the same time. If you have submitted to us please wait for our decision before submitting to another. We always take a pride in responding to your article approval within three working days, regardless of our decision.

5. If your article is published elsewhere, you can republish the article here with IMoT Agri Forum / The Agraria by giving credit to the earlier publisher and with their consent in writing. (Please send the soft copy of the consent with your article)

6. We suggest you be unique in writing, have your idea original, if it is already discussed more, and still it grabs your interest then create an additional perspective in your writing.

7. We do not charge you any fees, remember your writing is more valuable for us. Nor do we pay authors a fee/royalty for anything that we publish, remember we are a non-profit Digital News Website.

8. If your article gets published with us, keep your copyrights with you. You earned them. We respect the hard work you invested in writing your article. You can republish them elsewhere with proper credits. 

9. If you have any photographs to support your article, send us. We appreciate articles with photos. 

10. Before submitting your article, read our submission guidelines carefully. 

Thank you for your interest in us, we appreciate the passion for journalism/ writing in you.