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Reaffirming our personal commitment to protect our Environment and our Planet | Environment day spl article

In our day-to-day digital lives, we tend to be efficient. Our activities demonstrate that. We segregate files, classifying it meticulously in folders, scanning for viruses, clearing unwanted photos, videos, files and chats and sending it to bin. We even clear our “Recycle bin” isn’t it? It gives a sense of happiness when our laptops and […]

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How can one define a woman? She is more than just the word “Beautiful”. Scientifically, she may be called a female human that is of the species Homo sapiens, same as the men. But is it indubitable in the present world? To what extent? Historically, men were expected to go out and hunt for food, […]

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Fighting Climate Change in the Indian way – Analysis of strength and challenges

I believe WE, the human beings are the epitome of the word “development”. The development rate during industrial era is something unprecedented. With 8.7 million species (and still a lot to be uncovered), Homo sapiens have carved a niche for themselves. Such was man’s dominance that it lead to creation of a new age – […]

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Jallikattu – It’s more than just a matter of Tamil Pride

Narrowing down the debate on Jallikattu to just a matter of Tamil pride Vs Animal right activists or Culture first Vs People first or Tamil tradition Vs Animal cruelty is a thing of ignorance. The historical “Jallikattu protest of Youths” in January 2017 revealed that Jallikattu is not just a matter of Tamil Pride and it was rather an opportunity to […]