Shallots small onion processing increasing shelf life
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Low price ? No more dumping onions in roads.. Incubation Center for Shallots in Perambalur have solution for that !

There are many infamous instances where the farmers dump their own produce on roadsides and dump yards. In the case of fast perishables like small onions also known as ‘shallots’ the occurrence is quite familiar. “Dumping the onions in roads is more profitable than taking it for sale” says a small farmer. But for Permabalur […]

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Zero energy cool chamber – Low cost substitute of Cold storage units

Seeking solution to avoid the spoilage of harvested horticultural produces? Then this post is for you… Horticulture produces plays a significant part in increasing the total agricultural product of the country. It drives the economic development of the states in the country. One of the most important periods of fruits and vegetables is from the […]

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India’s Mega food park scheme – All you need to know About !

“The recent study conducted by Central Institute of Post-Harvest Engineering and Technology (CIPHET), Ludhiana has estimated that annual value of harvest and post-harvest losses of major agricultural produce was around Rs.92,500 crore based on production data of 2012-13 at 2014 wholesale prices“ To reduce wastage of perishables and to increase the  processing of food items […]