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Biodiversity Environment

This Earth Day what you will pledge?

Earth Day was instrumental in setting up of USEPA – Environmental Protection Agency which took measures to prevent degradation of environment. This movement has gained significance due to the complexity and consequences of problem we are facing-Climate Change. Large Scale Deforestation, unscrupulous burning of fossil fuels, usage of chemicals with high ODP – Ozone Depleting Potential, huge emission of Green House Gases, unsustainable use of natural resources have led to severe environmental degradation affecting a wide range of organisms.

Food Science Processing & Value Addition Resource Management

Zero energy cool chamber – Low cost substitute of Cold storage units

Seeking solution to avoid the spoilage of harvested horticultural produces? Then this post is for you… Horticulture produces plays a significant part in increasing the total agricultural product of the country. It drives the economic development of the states in the country. One of the most important periods of fruits and vegetables is from the […]

Environment Sustainable Energy

Why not Solar ?

Earth’s atmosphere receives 173 thousand terawatts of solar energy. It has been reported that one hour of incoming solar radiation is equivalent to more than world’s energy consumption for an entire year. If we carefully tap this massive power,all our energy needs can be met sustainably.     So, How does a solar panel works […]

Agri Politics Environment Pollution & Climate Change

Understanding the nexus between Climate change and Agrarian distress in India

“ I play fictitious characters often solving fictitious problems.  I believe mankind has looked at climate change in the same way, as if it were a fiction.”      -Leonardo DiCaprio Every summer we usually feel hotter than previous one.  This is not just a psychological illusion any more. 2017 was the hottest year on record without […]