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All about Hydroponics – Future farming of India

Soilless farming is the technique of cultivating plants by eliminating traditional soil media and using other substrates (like coco peat, gravel, etc.,) instead. This can be performed under controlled environment and can be established anywhere independent of land availability and soil fertility.  Hydroponics is one such soilless cultivation method that is becoming popular in this […]

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Top easy growing Medicinal plants of India to have in your home garden

Our ancestor’s used to go for “herbal remedies” which is very effective.  Indian forests are known for the greatest repository of medicinal plants.  And Indian traditional system like Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and tribal medicines depends on these medicinal plants as their raw materials. But nowadays most of us are living in urbanized environment  prefer only […]

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Jallikattu – It’s more than just a matter of Tamil Pride

Narrowing down the debate on Jallikattu to just a matter of Tamil pride Vs Animal right activists or Culture first Vs People first or Tamil tradition Vs Animal cruelty is a thing of ignorance. The historical “Jallikattu protest of Youths” in January 2017 revealed that Jallikattu is not just a matter of Tamil Pride and it was rather an opportunity to […]