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 Greatest decline in raptors, migratory shorebirds : State of India’s Birds 2020

India’s national bird, the Indian Peafowl, has increased dramatically over the past decades. In contrast, 50% of other Indian species of birds have declined over this time period. These are some findings from the State of India’s Birds 2020. This pioneering report assesses the status of 867 Indian birds using a massive database of information […]

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Agri schemes- Inclusiveness or Political Game ?

The drastic explosion of global population and continuously changing consumption preferences is drawing more investment need in the primary sector i.e. Agriculture. According to the FAO, demand for food will increase by 70% by 2050. Considering the seriousness of this estimation, it’s necessary to ponder over the current mechanism and overall functioning of agricultural system. […]

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Seri–Tourism ‘Silk World’ at Yercaud – An innovative tourism approach

Tourism is an act of travelling for recreation to a tourism important place which in turn helps in transferring social, cultural, political values among the folks. Tourism which nurtures knowledge on a specific subject in an experiential learning mode may be described as Educative Tourism or Edutainment. Agri-Tourism, Eco-Tourism are parts of this concept and […]