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Why do Corporate shift their Focus towards Rural India?

Even today ‘India lives in its Villages’ about 650,000 villages make up this hinterland. These villages are inhabited by about 850 million consumers making up for about 70 percent of population and contributing around half of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Consumption patterns in these rural areas are gradually changing to increasingly resemble the […]

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Importance of Agri Clinics and the Agri Business Centres for the Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Growing need to impart the best agricultural technologies – for quality improvement and mechanization – for quantity improvement, the best of the best extension support is needed by the farmers. With shrinking agricultural lands, intensive farming is considered to be a vital solution to improve the productivity to feed the huge growing population. But, the […]

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Read about India’s First Organic nursery that also grows plants by leaf culture

How many methods of propagation of plants are commercially successful ? By seeds, Cuttings, Grafting, Layering, Tissue culture…..that’s it ??? There is another method of propagation. It was identified and commercialized and also has been applied for patent by a farmer Mr. Rajarathnam (Now a nursery holder) in EDEN GARDENS Mettupalayam, Coimbatore District. It is […]

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B & B Organics: The Story Of An Agritech Startup unfolding it’s path in e – commerce

My grandfather cultivated crops through organic farming. My father knew about it but he didn’t follow it. But now graduates are giving life to organic farmers. B & B Organics is an agritech startup that came up with an idea of “Farm to Home”. It was founded by Mr.Balaji, a B.Tech Horticulture graduate from TNAU and Mr.Balathandayuthabani, […]