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Read about India’s First Organic nursery that also grows plants by leaf culture

How many methods of propagation of plants are commercially successful ? By seeds, Cuttings, Grafting, Layering, Tissue culture…..that’s it ??? There is another method of propagation. It was identified and commercialized and also has been applied for patent by a farmer Mr. Rajarathnam (Now a nursery holder) in EDEN GARDENS Mettupalayam, Coimbatore District. It is […]

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B & B Organics: The Story Of An Agritech Startup unfolding it’s path in e – commerce

My grandfather cultivated crops through organic farming. My father knew about it but he didn’t follow it. But now graduates are giving life to organic farmers. B & B Organics is an agritech startup that came up with an idea of “Farm to Home”. It was founded by Mr.Balaji, a B.Tech Horticulture graduate from TNAU and Mr.Balathandayuthabani, […]