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Biggest problems faced by Indian farmers and technolgical solutions available

Indian farmers face multitude of problems before independence and also after independence. The former is due to colonial exploitation and later due to middlemen exploitation. Problems of Indian farmer : Fragmented land holdings – Indian landholdings are so small that makes little marketable surplus. This makes them to go for subsistence agriculture and also difficult […]

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Better Agriculture and Better Nutrition are two sides of the same coin : Indian Nutritional security scenario

India has only 3% are world’s land resource and 5% of world’s water resource. Yet, India is second larger food producer in world and also second in production of fruits and vegetables. On the contrary, Indian Medical Council report 2015 said that 12 to 13% of population in India die due to non availability of […]

Agricultural Marketing worries farmers India
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Marketing woes of Indian farmers

As per the Fourth Advance Estimates for 2016-17 released by Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmer’s Welfare, the country achieved a record production of food grains estimated at 275.7 million tonnes, which is higher by 10.6 million tonnes than the previous record production of food grains in 2013-14. The production of  rice is estimated at […]

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What Tamil Nadu government should learn from its neighboring states in water management ?

Peninsular India is bestowed with adequate rainfall owing to its long coastline and influence of both Southwest and Northeast monsoon.  But it’s distinct geographical features requires it to effectively store rainwater and utilize it year around. Non perennial nature of peninsular rivers; undulating relief and underlying hard rocks makes it difficult to dig canals and […]

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The reasons why Farmers protest are more frequent and intense across India ?!

June 2017 was marked with farmer’s revolt across the country which eventually coincided with the third anniversary of NDA government. This ill-reminded their promise to double the farmers income by 2022. Pipliya mandi near Mandsaur in Madhya Pradesh became spotlight of farmers protest that turned violent resulting in killing of five farmers. It triggered chain […]