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Innovative Plant box increases survival of planted trees saplings

IMoT’s Founder Ramsundar speaks with Rahul, Director of Greennow about its innovative product Plantbox. The Plantbox is a round, 20-inch-wide container crafted from polypropylene. Rainwater and condensation collect in the box’s chamber, where water gets trapped. As the plant grows, its roots reach deeper and deeper into the ground, eventually finding their own water source. […]

Science and Technology Shaping Indian Agriculture
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Science and Technology Shaping Indian Agriculture

Theme for this year’s (2019) National Science Day is ‘Science for the people, and People for the science’. Agriculture which absorbs nearly 50 percent of population into employment is mainly driven by science from Green revolution to today’s biotechnology aided breeding development. So, the theme rightly synchronises with Agriculture, where Science and Technology has lead […]