Dr. M. Karunanidhi Has Done To Agriculture
Agriculture in History Inspirations Op-ed

Is it true that Kalaingar Karunanidhi has done little less to Agriculture?

The onus for the ‘so-called’ backwardness of Tamil Nadu is often thrown upon Dravidian parties for their 50 years long rule in the state. “Agriculture is deteriorated by Dravidian Politics”, “No Dams since 50 years” are the common accusation in Social Media since few years. Why? Is it true that Dravidian Politics has done little […]


IMoT Weekly Quiz – April Week 3

🔖1. Which of the following statement is/are correct regarding Janmam Land? 1. These lands are Hereditarily proprieted by Zamindars. 2. Gudalur Estates Abolition Act,1969  was included in the 9th Schedule under the 34th Constitutional Amendment act, 1974. A. 1 only B. 2 only C. Both 1&2 D. Neither 1 nor 2 🔖2. The term ‘Chakravat’ […]


IMoT Weekly Quiz – April Week 2

April Week 2 #160 1. Identify the Nation It is only African Nation with Spanish as National Language. It lies on the west coast of Africa. A. Cape Verde B. Gambia C. Equatorial Guinea D. Gabon   2. Bohag Bihu is a New Year Festival celebrated by the Indian State _ A. Manipur B. Nagaland […]


The Agraria Monthly Quiz – March

1.Which of the following States doesn’t have Special Category Status? Sikkim Andhra Pradesh Assam Himachal Pradesh   2.The Headquarters of Airport Council International is located in _____ Montreal Casablanca London New York   3. Pritzker Prize is awarded for the contributions in the field of  ___ Medicine Architecture Social work Painting   4. Indo French […]


IMoT weekly Quiz – April Week 1

April Week 1 #159 📍1. Name the First District in India to have 100% Solar Powered Primary Health Centers? A. Surat B. Ahmedabad C. Kutch D. Vadodara   📍2. The Festival of Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2018 held in _ A. Tashkent ,Uzbekistan B. New Delhi, India C. Kabul, Afghanistan D. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia   📍3. […]