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“Relationship of players in silk industry from farmer to retailer of fabric is adversarial”, claims Mr. L. S. Ramasamy, Former JD of Sericulture

Sericulture is the art and science of rearing silkworms for commercial silk production. Mulberry being a perennial crop, silk farming yields profitable returns all round the year and sericulture boasts to be a privileged one as unlike other crop farmers, silk farmers get returns in a matter of twenty five days. Yet, sericulture isn’t widely […]

Green Revolution
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The Story of India’s Green Revolution – A Savior or Satan ?

(This column space will talk on the policies and laws of Indian government pertaining to agriculture and environment, instigated ever since the day of independence in a series.) Session No. 03 In the previous Lawpoint sessions, we went through the two rounds of land reforms which took place in our country until late nineteen eighties. […]

Agriculture Resource Management

ICAR Tableau in R’Day parade portrays “Integrated Farming System”. Here’s the story of success farmer

Farming teaches man the way of living. In ancient times, farming had swung the cradle of civilisation. But its plight is remorsefully pathetic nowadays. Farming is underexploited and farmers are overexploited. To set things straight, both nature and future give us insightful solutions that we need to nurture. One such incredible solution to make farming […]