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Grow 1 plant and Get 3 products | Sisal, perfect plant for Agriculturally challenged areas

Harvesting opportunities under growing adversities of climate change and taking agriculture from subsistence to solvency, thereby empowering farmers living in challenged environments require thorough understanding of inherent strengths of local plant varieties based on adaptation. Sisal (Agave sisalana) is such a xerophytic perennial plant of commercial importance that can be successfully grown in barren, gravely […]

attending The Partnership Exchange organised jointly by Rabobank, ThinkAg and Access Development Services.
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Building an Enabling Ecosystem for Farmer Producer Organisations | Expert talk

As per our study of Farmer Producer Organisations (FPOs) at Caspian Impact Investment Adviser Ltd, Venture capital company in Hyderabad, Telangana, over 90% of the FPOs operate in the sub-INR 10 lakh turnover level. Almost universally, the entry-point activity of FPOs is input supply to members. There is no argument that this is a good starting point. […]

Chilli powder sold in Indian market sometimes branded contains high level of Aflatoxin B1
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‘Doubling Agricultural Export’ without quality control in place could backfire !

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India, is now looking to foster “Doubling Agricultural Exports” to fulfil the Government’s vision of doubling farmers income. No doubt, it’s a robust plan to reshape Indian agriculture as expected from a dynamic government while stepping towards “New India”. The task of doubling the agricultural exports and integrating the […]