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Agri-preneurs need these skills to be successful says Anil Hanegave, senior Agribusiness trainer

Mr. Anil Hanegave is the nationally acclaimed senior Agribusiness trainer and also founder of AgriValue solutions based in Pune. He is also an agricultural graduate from Marathwada Agricultural University, Maharashtra and post graduation from UAS, Bangalore. He was also awarded Best Learning and Development professional by Agribusiness summit and Agri Awards 2019. M. Ramsundar IFS, Founding Editor of IMoT Agri Forum interviewed him to bring out his insights on agri-preneurship and skill requirements in Agribusiness sector.

Why there is always a gap in agriculture knowledge and entrepreneurship ?

The main reason for the gap is outdated syllabus they learn in college. Agriculture domain and opportunities have changed a lot but the syllabus of students are not yet updated. For example, now organic inputs are into market but universities haven’t included this into subjects. Second, the professors and teaching staff also are not updated. They are employed on a permanent basis and no outside professionals are allowed to train graduates.

At least fifty percent of faculty members should be deployed from industry experts, agri-preneurs and persons experienced in agribusiness.

What is the reason for your agribusiness development and training company’s name as AgriValue solutions ?

I have been fascinated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Doubling Farmers Income. But it could not be done by Government alone. We have to be part of this change. Our vision is to upgrade skills of agriculture professionals who in turn uplift the livelihood of farmers. For example, High usage of fertilizer and Pesticides by farmers is due to improper recommendations. They spray 3ml instead of 2ml, so the input usage will increase and cause a burden to Indian economy. There should be some values in agribusiness, like here, by maintaining balance between inputs and market pricing of end produce.

We aim to train Agri professionals with such necessary value and make them skillful Agripreneur, dealers and distributors as like China.

The Agriculture domain is changing, what new skill or knowledge is necessary for this new age Agri graduates ?

(Excellent question Ram) Some Students are talented and they know more. But the sad part is that they couldn’t convert their knowledge into skill.

First, they need to develop Sales and marketing skills. Farmers are unable to sell their produce at better prices. These graduates should represent farmers in market and sell those products. For that, we are offering Agribusiness Management certification program.

Second, they couldn’t communicate what they think. Agribusiness requires better communication skills to interact with diverse spectrum of customers and also with farmers.

Third, they need to have keen knowledge on changes in Government policy. For example, new Agricultural Export policy has been revised recently. Government also amends Start-up policy then and now. So, they should have good knowledge on changes happening in Government policy and strategies accordingly.

Skill training for agriculture graduates
Marketing Mastery program to IFFCO e-Bazar.

Is there any managerial or executive level job opportunities available in agribusiness sector ? I find most job opportunities are as sales executives or marketing representatives only.

No. There is plenty of opportunities available in agribusiness sector. Even private agribusiness employees are more successful than Government officers in payscale. I know a regional manager of a well-known agribusiness firm earns nearly 20 lakhs per annum with just  5 to 6 years of experience.

Person with the right Skill, Courage and talent could grow well in agribusiness firms. But the problem is that they usually don’t upgrade their skills regularly. We can help them in that case.

What are the core areas that present day agribusiness entrepreneurs lack ?

They lack the skill of delegation (of work), they are less likely to develop a talented team. Agriculture business requires business surveys at ground level. But they don’t do that. Sometimes they don’t have written business plan and travel in flow.

Technical knowledge is different from entrepreneurship skill, they should understand that and develop those skills.

I came to know about ‘Fire walk training’. One of your unique sessions for motivation, can you explain us ?

(Yeah, great that You have known about this) Fire walk training is nothing but walking on fire, this is a kind of confidence building exercise. We have done it in T. stanes and company limited in Coimbatore, Rasi seeds and many other companies.

Some companies have the goal of increasing the revenue but there will be fear factor in employees (to expand). When they were made to walk in fire, it will break their limiting beliefs and mental blocks. They start believing in themselves. They visualise their goals as the fire and they get attitude ‘fire is not stopping me, then what will’.

Agribusiness Management certification Program to MBA students.

Finally, your words of wisdom

There are plenty of opportunities in agribusiness sector. Everyone can develop at least their own district by setting up agribusiness firms there. Government exams are not the only way for Agri graduates. We have trained four years (of graduation) for developing agriculture, if not us then who can do it?

Many think that starting a business requires more money, but talent and skills are prerequisites. Even if they get employed in jobs due to financial compulsion, they could work for a few years, gain experience and start a business.

There are many opportunities for Agri graduates to get professional help. One cannot expect professional help from our personal relations. They’re trainers and experienced professionals like us in helping you out. Consider me as your mentor and reach out for help.

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