World soil day
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Be the Solution to Soil Pollution | Soil Day Special Article

Soil is a finite natural resource and also a non-renewable resource. Every living being in and on the earth rely on soil for their life. But, this paramount factor is losing its inherent nature. Obviously, all the credits go to the greedy mankind in the world. Knowingly or unknowingly, man-made actions deteriorated the natural characteristics, which now evolved into a global issue called “SOIL POLLUTION”.

Soil took hundreds and hundreds of years to form, likewise it will take more time for remediation of polluted soil. Unsustainable farming practices, industrial activities and mining, untreated urban waste and other non-environmental friendly practices are the main causes of soil pollution. To tackle the soil pollution and its causes, the actions which should originate from human activities.

Among the causes, dumping of untreated wastes on land prevents the respiration of soil, leading to the destruction of soil micro-organisms. Without these organisms, decomposition is not possible.

Improper agricultural practices of farmers  in turn shows its effects as soil erosion, leaching of essential nutrients, infertility etc. Soil pollution will affect the global food security in the future years, if it goes like this.


World soil day

There will be a solution for every problem in the world. We are having handful of technologies to restore the liveability of polluted soil. One of the best approach is preventing the growing human made pollution in the soil. How can this be possible? Simply framing rules and regulations in the society is not going to be success. Only when this is realized by an individual, by doing it in action and making others aware of the situation, the whole benefit will reach the mankind.

It is the right time to correct our mistakes and protect our soil diversity. And also it is our duty to protect the environment. But how? Every person should know about the value, nature, importance and its richness. So create awareness and make the soils pollution free.


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