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Rain hose technology in Onion – A new innovation in Irrigation system

Climate change has brought changes to our rainfall patterns. The farmers suffer from water scarcity for cultivation. To overcome this, a new innovative irrigation technology, the Rain Hose Technology has been introduced. It is an affordable spray Irrigation technology and a replacement for sprinkler Irrigation systems.

It is widely suitable for closely spaced crops like onion, vegetable crops, groundnut, etc. Currently,this technology mainly being adopted by onion cultivators.

imotforum rain hosh onion

Why is it suitable for Onion crop?

    The crop Onion (Allium spL.) is a shallow-rooted crop restricted to top 3cm and penetrates up to 15cm. It is extremely sensitive to water stress. The Irrigation method of Onion is directly related to profitable and sustainable Onion production. Water is necessary for the initial and bulb formation stage. In early 1990’s, the leading Irrigation method for Onion was furrow Irrigation.

Onion needs frequent and light irrigation to maintain high soil moisture. To saturate the soil in every irrigation, more water is required which is difficult for dryland farmers in furrow irrigation and also the mobile nutrients get leached from the soil in this process. Under and over irrigation leads to loss in yield, market grade, soil erosion, bulb disease susceptibility, etc. With Rain hose technology, small amount of water can be applied more frequently, better control of leaching that reduces nitrogen application and helps to maintain optimum irrigation thus leading to maximum yield and good bulb quality.


Components required for Installation:

    The four main components are 1. Rain hose, used as main hose tube. 2. PVC Tee Take off connector which takes off from the subline. 3. Straight connector (or) jointer is to join two rain hose. 4. End cap is used to close the tube at the end.

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A brief explanation by the farmer about this technology:

    Mr.D.Dhanasekaran is a small farmer in the small village of Urakkarai in Trichy district, Tamil Nadu. He has cultivated a hybrid variety of aggregate Onion in 2.5 acres with 25cm×25cm spacing between the rows where he follows the new innovative Rain Hose technology. The village comes under dry land  area. Scarcity of water is the main reason due to which he follows this technology.

Till last two years, he followed furrow irrigation for Onion cultivation in one acre using bore well but through this technology, he is cultivating Onion in 2.5ac with same quantity of water.

He felt that it takes minimal initial investment than the drip and sprinkler irrigation. He spent Rs.60,000/- for 2.5 ac for installation. He says, it does not require any expert to install because all the compounds are available in spray Irrigation Kit and also it takes less time to irrigate the field. It ensures uniform and high flow rate of water with operating pressure and discharge rate of 1kg/cm2 and 1 litre/minutes/meter. Finally, he concluded that it saves more water, reduces cost of cultivation and gives desired yield.


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The benefits of this technology are low cost technology, no clogging problem, filtration is not required, easy to install and maintain , easily portable, high water use efficiency.


Deepika.A is a B.Sc (Agriculture) student of Imayam Institute of Agriculture and Technology (IIAT), Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. (TNAU).

Under the guidance of Dr. B. Guna, Assistant Proffessor (Agricultural Extension), Imayam Institute of Technology (IIAT) affiliated to TNAU, Kannanur, Thuraiyur, Tiruchy.


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