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Know about the Greens that you have to consume Everyday !


In recent times, most people say,

Eat less if you want to be fit and healthy

But, the fact is

Eat right if you want to be fit and healthy

People are freaked towards junk foods unaware of the consequences they face. Our elders and ancestors stayed healthy because they had right food for their living. Green vegetables have always had a tremendous effect on their lifestyle. Here, are some of the greens that we need to know and need to consume a lot.  

1. Black night shade – Solanum nigrum

The leaves of solanum nigrum are mostly taken for their property to cure stomach and mouth ulcers. It is also known to cure indigestion problems. It is one of the best medicines for constipation. The fruit are tiny berries that changes from green to dark black. These berries doesn’t tastes sweet or sour.

 Black night shade -Solanum nigrum
Black night shade

2. August tree leaves or humming bird tree leaves – Sesbania grandiflora

This green is said to have 63 medicinal benefits as per the siddha medicine system. It is highly known for its capability to cure psychological problems including mental depressions.  They also reduce body heat and make eyes cooler. They facilitate easy digestion and also cures ulcer.

August tree leaves or humming bird tree leaves - Sesbania grandiflora
August tree leaves

3. Moringa leaves – Moringa oleifera

All the parts of moringa tree have health benefits.  The leaves will reduce blood sugar level and brings down the body heat. When they are eaten on a daily basis, the side effects caused by drugs/tablets were found to be cured.

 Moringa leaves - Moringa oleifera
Moringa leaves

4. Gongura – Hibiscus cannabinus

Gongura is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. They cool down the temperature of the body. It is a healthy diet for pregnant women. They also have other benefits like improvising immune system, prevent anemia, lowers blood pressure and anticancer properties.

Gongura - Hibiscus cannabinus

5. Common purslane – Portulaca oleracea

It is a common variety of greens that is used in salads. The plant is used to purify blood. Common purslane is generally recommended to lactating mothers for milk secretion. They are also applied for healing wounds and burns.

 Common purslane - Portulaca oleracea
 Common Purslane

6. Tropical amaranth – Amaranthus tricolor

Tropical amaranth is a green generally eaten to remove the intoxicants from the body. Regular consumption of this green aids in removal of all toxins from kidney and urinary tract.  They also help in eliminating kidney stones formation.

Tropical amaranth - Amaranthus tricolor
Tropical amaranth

7. Indian spinach – Spinacia oleracea

Palak keerai is rich source of iron and hence highly useful to treat anemia. They are used in salads. The leaf is flat with smooth texture. It is also useful for lactating mother since it is enriched with iron. It is also believed to improve eye health among children.

Indian spinach - Spinacia oleracea
Indian spinach

8. Spleen amaranth – Amaranthus aritis

This is the most commonly used greens that have high concentration of fibers and Calcium. It is given to lactating mothers to increase the milk secretion. Unlike other greens, this generates heat in the body. Hence they are used to treat cold and cough. They also help in building up a strong immune system among the children.

Spleen amaranth - Amaranthus aritis
Spleen amaranth


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