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Here’s how to make hydroponics in your home garden !

A hydroponic system is a great option if you want to grow your herbs and veggies when you have no access to soil. It is very easy to maintain and shows great results with several plants. This is why a lot of people are interested in creating and maintaining a home hydroponic system to have access to fresh plants at their own convenience. In this article, we explain how to make a bubble bucket hydroponics to grow your favorite plants in the comfort of your home.

Bubble bucket hydroponics


What is a Bubble Bucket Hydroponics?

This is a compact, easy to maintain soil-less growing medium. The key to growing your plants is to use water that is rich in useful nutrients and spray it on the roots of your plants. A bubble bucket hydroponic is perfect for growing one or two big plants in a small space.

A lot of people prefer this system because it is cheap and very easy to set up. It combines the benefits of growing your plants in deep water culture and aeroponics, and the results are always satisfactory.

How to Make a Bubble Bucket Hydroponics?

This system is very easy to build and doesn’t require much experience. The idea is to get a growing pot with a lot of drainage holes at its bottom. This pot or bucket is suspended over another container that is filled with a well-aerated solution that is packed with the essential nutrients. The roots of the plant grow and pass through the holes and form some sort of a root ball at the bottom of the bucket.

A bubble bucket hydroponic system works for slow-growing plants. Since there is enough room at the bottom of the bucket, it will be able to support a bigger plant. It also doesn’t take much to build as most of the supplies can be obtained at the hardware store or a hydroponics supplier.

What Do I need to Build a Bubble Bucket Hydroponics?

The supplies are very easy to obtain and will work perfectly to build your own little garden.

  • First, you need to get the bucket. A 5-gallon bucket will be enough to get your little hydroponic system started.
  • A flower pot that flares at the bottom. This should sit perfectly on top of the bucket and have some depth to it.
  • An aquarium air pump to provide a continuous air supply to your hydroponic system.
  • A grommet and elbow fixture.
  • Clay balls.

Setting Up the System:

You need to make sure that the elbow is leak-proof. The elbow needs to extend to the bottom of the bucket. A clear tube indicator on the side of the bucket will show the level of the nutrients without having to lift the plant. Also, you can swivel the elbow to drain the solution.

Drill a small hole to install the grommet. It will be loose at the beginning, but the elbow fixture will seal it tight. If you are still worried about leakage, you can use a bit of silicone to make sure that the hole is perfectly sealed.

Push some clear tubing over the outside part of the elbow. Tape it against the side of the bucket. Now your system is almost done.

Use a power drill to drill a few holes at the bottom of the pot. Make sure that you do this slowly and carefully, otherwise; you might ruin the pot. Once you position the pot on top of the bucket, mark the level where it sits on the clear tubing and on the outside of the bucket. Your system is almost ready now. Add water gradually and pay attention to any leaks. Put the system on an elevated surface to drain the extra water. Once your water reaches an inch above the mark you took earlier, your system will be ready for use.


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You’re Almost Done !

An air stone bubbler connected to the air pump will provide a continuous air supply to your system. This is essential to keep your nutrients- filled solution well aerated and your roots well oxygenated. Next, add the nutrients to the solution. Make sure that the PH level is balanced to keep your plants healthy.

Now you can add the clay balls and carefully add the seedling in the middle of the clay balls. Make sure that you add clear water every now and then to keep your plants healthy. After 3 or 4 weeks, you will have to prepare a new nutrients solution.

Important Tips:

Your plants need light to grow. You can depend on the sunlight coming from a nearby window. If you are growing leafy greens or herbs, you might need a growing light to keep your plants healthy. You also need to maintain the PH level between 5.5 and 6.5 to keep your system working.

Understanding how to make a bubble bucket hydroponics is not a difficult task, even if you are a beginner. There are a lot of options to what you might buy; some are more expensive than the others. Once you give it a try, you’ll be amazed at how successful this system is.

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