Five Easy Green Resolutions to make you Eco-Smart this New Year!

Each and every year ends in the birth of yet another year. And at the inception of every New Year we are all set to make resolute resolutions. We make many resolutions, take a few of them, shake a few of them, fake a few of them and finally break most of them. What do you think foils us from conquering our own resolutions? Few times it’s our sloppy willpower and most of the times it’s the superhuman – herculean targets we set! This year, let’s make the most doable resolutions to ameliorate not only us, but also our siren – singing earth.

Carbon is Life – Carbon Emission is Knife!

It is believed, if life ever happened to exist in any other planet – that planet must probably have Carbon. Though life has been metaphorised with Carbon, Carbon emissions have become the disturbing danger for the continuity of life on this very earth. Carbon emissions are escalating day by day and the hard efforts to control them are belittling. The holy ways to manage the mushrooming Carbon footprints lies rallying between just two broad points. One, the Carbon Source – emission can be controlled at the source itself; Two, the Carbon Sink – emitted carbon can be stored or sequestrated using a sink. Knowing well the consequences of carbon emissions, we are well bound to serve the purpose of limiting its effect. Let us check what lies at the reach our hands in contributing to the wellness of a Green Mother Earth from this New Year!


#1. No Tillage – Less Emission!

If you are a farmer friend try lessening the frequency of tillage in your field and conservation or zero tillage is even better. The reason is, tonnes of carbon is stored in the soil of your land inherently and when you till the soil, the soil microbes are stimulated to decompose soil organic matter (carbon) as a result of which the mischievous Carbon dioxide gas is released. Hence, zero tilling may prevent adding up of CO2.

Lesser tilling or zero tilling will reduce Carbon Emissions from farmlands.

That’s sounds to be an attainable resolution, right?

#2. Green Plants – CO2 Devourers!

If you are an urban bloke, this resolution is for you. The best way to reduce the Carbon dioxide gas around us can be done only by the green plants. Green plants trap the notorious CO2 gas and prepare food in their photosynthesis process. Forests are such big sinks to capture CO2. Urban forests are the new vogue, helping beat climate change. You don’t have to resolve to make a whole forest in a year! Make a vow that you will truly nurture at least one single sapling, for every plant counts.

Green resolution new year imotforum
Green trees are the best Carbon sinks.

This is too much a spot – on green resolution. Make it for sure!

#3. Techies can be Greenies too!

If you own an electronic gadget (you must be owning very many!), make this serious resolution. Every time your battery drains, you plug it for charging. After your gadget gets charged, you always disconnect the gadget from charger and move away. Most of the time either knowingly or unknowingly you don’t unplug your charger! When the charger is plugged in a socket even when no device is charging or even when the power/ switch is off, energy is drawn in the plug. So you are adding up the Carbon footprint unnecessarily. Hence, unplugging the chargers when not in use is a needful resolution. Also, texting proves to contribute lesser carbon emissions than that in making a call. Likewise, using landline for making calls rather than using mobile phones also have reduced carbon emissions. Overall, texting or making landline calls emits only 1/3rd of the mobile phones’ carbon emissions. So, make a solid resolution to prefer texting and landline over mobile calls whenever available. Besides, prefer rechargeable batteries over non rechargeable ones as rechargeable batteries have lesser carbon footprints. In the same way, keeping on the devices in standby mode eats up nearly 80 to 85% of energy even when you are not using. This again costs unnecessary carbon footprints. Better shutdown instead of letting in standby mode.

Green resolution new year imotforum

Again, these would be the finest of resolutions for a green – clean – techie!

#4. Organic is Iconic!

If you are a foodie, take this for you! Try lessening the frequency of having fast – food. The carbon emissions from fast – food making is considerably higher than in the making of other traditional foods. You may grow a few veggies and greens at home too, in an organic way! Also, never keep hot items in the refrigerator, as the fridge increases its efficiency to cool down the hot food it draws in extra energy, thereby corresponding to increased emissions. Waste is another area demanding your resolution. Make sure you have two separate bins for biodegradable and non – biodegradable wastes and segregate accordingly. Segregation of wastes at the terminal level requires machines which run on energy emitting Carbon dioxide, so by way of segregation at home you could contribute to lessened emissions. Moreover, the biodegradable wastes can be composted and used as a valuable input for your organic home garden too.

Green resolutions new year imotforum
Carbon footprints of fast-foods is very much higher than the traditional ones.

Yeah, they are most probably the most doable resolutions at home!

#5. Personal Health and Green Health!

If you are a fitness freak or even if you aren’t one, do consider this resolution, utterly good for both you and environment! Make up your mind to replace at least one of your bike/car ride with a healthy bicycle ride once a week. This would help you reduce your carbon footprints and burn your calories as well.

Green resolution new year imotforum

Mother Earth – to be draped in Green!

Resolutions are always meant to make us better and they do make us better if religiously resolved. With the added spirit to foster the earth, let us make deeply determined resolutions this year! While all the resolutions suggested above are reasonably achievable, practising and winning out a minimum of a single resolution would promisingly make us a better human being and a socially responsible citizen.

Green resolutions new year imotforum

Let us resolve to paint the earth green again!

Happy New Year. Have a Green Year Ahead !


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