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Six lesser known Mobile Apps that digitally empowers Indian farmers

From food orders to flight tickets, every single thing that we need is catered by a single touch on our mobile phones. We live in such cozy days where gadgets can make life much great. This friendly world of mobiles and applications not only benefits the urban blokes, but also our farmer folks! Mobile applications based on agriculture are progressively changing the way of farming and solving farm related problems. While there are many such useful, farmer-friendly mobile applications, let us learn about a few in this article. (Click Screenshot of App displayed below to download the App)

#1. APEDA Farmer Connect App

By the name of this app itself, you could guess that the app may connect all the farmers with Government organisations. To harness the potential of mobile technology, APEDA has developed a mobile app for online farmer’s application, their approval by State Government and Lab Sampling by authorized Laboratories. This app allows farmer to apply an online application for farm registration and track the status of applications.

It also assists State Horticulture Departments to capture details of farmers, their farms and products & farm inspections etc. in real time directly from the field. This app has in-built GPS capabilities to identify the farm location.

APEDA Farmer connect App Green App Mobile applications
APEDA Farmer connect App

#2. IFFCO Kisan App

Going by the name again, you may conclude that this suvidha app will assist farmers in all ways for efficient working (In Hindi, Kisan – Farmers, Suvidha – Assists/Enable). “IFFCO Kisan” is one of the useful farmer suvidha Apps, which helps the Indian farmer to take informed decisions by accessing customized agricultural information related to their need. This app provides the latest market prices, weather forecast, agricultural advisory, best practices and tips related to agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, etc., it is also a platform for buyers and sellers, and provides all agriculture related news and information about government schemes.

It is operating in 11 regional Indian languages in text as well as audio clips for the handiness of the farmers who are most comfortable in their regional languages that the users can also choose their preferred language. The farmers can even update the information like their crop details, land details, livestock details apart from personal information. In addition to all these, the app also offers helpline numbers to get in touch with Kisan Call Centre Services. 

IFFCO Kisan Mobile App
IFFCO Kisan App

#3. RML Farmer App

RML farmer is India’s most trusted Krishi app meant for Indian agricultural community. The content of the app is exclusively dedicated for Indian farmers and Indian agriculture.

RML Farmer is one of its kind agricultural app where farmers can readily update with latest commodity and market prices, Precise Usage of Pesticides and Fertilizers, farm and farmer related news, weather forecast and advisory, provides agricultural advices, all news regarding government’s agricultural policies and govt. schemes. Users can choose from over 450 crop varieties, 1300 markets, 3500 weather locations across 50,000 villages and 17 states of India. It works with the help of specific tools designed to analyse/provide information on different aspects of farming habits. “Ask an Expert” is a newly added feature in RML Farmer – Krishi Mitr App, with an objective of solving queries of our Kisan brothers as fast as possible. Farmers can take images of the diseased or pest infected crop and share the images with the Agri Experts at RML for the fastest resolution of queries.

FarmBee - RML Farmer Mobile App
FarmBee – RML Farmer App

#4. Kheti-Badi App

“Kheti-Badi” is a social resourcefulness App, which aims to promote and support ‘Organic Farming’ and provide important information on issues related to farmers in India. As practicing natural farming is the need of the hour, the app provides the lacking information  in farming, direct market reach, logistics support and demand forecast while heavily depending on expensive genetically modified (GM) seeds, chemical pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The App can help farmers to convert their chemical farming to Organic Farming, make informed decisions to improve their livelihoods and connect them to consumers to gain bigger pie of the supply chain. However, this app is currently only available in four languages (Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati).

Kheti badi ki jaankari Mobile Agricultural App of India
Kheti badi ki jaankari App

#5. Krishi Gyan App

Works alike WhatsApp communication but is considered to be better as it doesn’t require mobile numbers of individuals to stay connected each other. “Krishi Gyan” is aimed at distributing agricultural information to rural, farming audiences. Apart from providing general information on farming, this application will allow farmers to connect with experts and ask their queries related to farming and get the answers within the application through notification. The farmers as well as agriculture enthusiast can also share their answers with each other.

Krishi Gyan Agri Mobile App
Krishi Gyan App

#6. RubSIS App

The activities of collecting soil samples and testing those samples to check the nutrient status and the associated hassles and expenses, will become history with the introduction of this mobile app-based online manurial recommendation developed by the Rubber Research Institute of India (RRII), the first ever app for rubber farmers anywhere in the world.

The app will let know the farmer about the nutrient status as well as the quantity of fertilizer required for his holding, irrespective of his location, through a satellite-based system. RubSIS brings soil data to the fingertips of rubber growers and recommends the optimum mixture and quantities of chemical fertilizers that their holdings require. It applies satellite-based remote sensing, Geographical Information System (GIS) and fertility mapping of rubber-growing soils to develop an online web-based fertilizer recommendation for the rubber growers. It provides for location and need-based recommendation of chemical fertilizers, according to the age of the rubber plants and the extent of the holding. RubSIS authorizes the rubber grower to take an informed and need-based decision regarding fertiliser application.

RubSIS Mobile App India kerala
RubSIS App

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