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Top 3 Agri Apps released by Government of India | That you should know about !

Government of India has launched several android apps for farmers. The applications aim to provide information about the latest agriculture trends, equipment, technologies and methods being used. The android apps for farmers can be downloaded from the official website or from the Google play store

Here we will look into the top 3 Agri Apps based on the critical reception, and responses received from farmers and public.

Kisan Suvidha App

Kisan Suvidha is a compilation mobile app developed to help farmers by providing relevant information to them quickly. With a click, they can get the  weather information of current day and next 5 days, dealers, market prices, agro advisories, plant protection, Integrated Pest Management Practices etc.,

Unique features like extreme weather alerts and market prices of commodity in nearest area and the maximum price in state as well as India have been added to empower farmers in the best possible manner.

Farmers often struggle for basic information like weather updates, crop prices and expert advice, ending up often relying on hearsays. Kisan Suvidha—launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi will prove helpful for farmers in this regard but they must own a smartphone, the only barrier. The app is likely to have many takers as India is second largest smartphone market in the world with 87 million mobile Internet users in rural areas.

Agri Apps

AgriMarket App :

AgriMarket Mobile App can be used to get the market price of crops from the markets within 50 km of the device’s location. This app automatically captures the location of person using mobile GPS and fetches the market prices of crops in those markets which fall within the range of 50 km. There is another option to get price of any market and any crop in case person does not want to use GPS location. The prevailing prices are fetched from the AgriMarket portal.

Farmers offer suffers price losses by distress selling. This may be due to poor access of market information. With this App, They can take an informed decision based on market information about the ongoing prices near to them. They can decide to which market they should take their produce for sale. This App has been developed with an aim to keep them abreast with crop prices around them.

Agri Apps


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Crop Insurance App :

Crop Insurance mobile app can be used to find out complete details about insurance cover available. It also helps to calculate the Insurance Premium for notified crops based on area, coverage amount and loan amount in case of a loanee farmer. It can also be used to get details of normal sum insured, extended sum insured, premium details and subsidy information of any notified crop in any notified area.

Due to administrative and technical reasons, much of information related to Insurance doesn’t reach farmers well in time to take advantage of insurance schemes. This App helps to provide timely details about insurance in an user friendly manner.

Agri Apps


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Vignesh Sekaran
Project DVP Engineer | Energy and Environmental Engineer