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Must know details to get Organic certification for your Farm !

Here are the easy steps to get your farm ‘Organically certified’….

Are you really interested in transposing your agricultural land to organic?  Do you really care about our future generation?  It’s our duty to provide our future generations with all the natural resources available to us to lead a healthy life. Here are easy steps to get organic certification for your farm.

All you need to do is just say ‘bye, bye’ to synthetic chemicals  GMO’s and any other antibiotics.

Conversion period :

Do you use a lot of chemical inputs? Are you worrying about the number of years that are needed to convert your farm to organic ? Don’t worry, as it takes only three years to convert your soil completely to organic. (National Standards of Organic certification). Approach a certifying body which is accredited by APEDA and register for getting farm certified. From the day of registration the farm is considered as “IN CONVERSION” period as there will be no use of chemicals, instead of which organic manures and bio-fertilizers, will be used.

Inspection of your Farm

After registration, an Inspection of the farm is done by the inspectors of the certifying body. They will conduct  complete inspection of crop and check the details provided. The farm operator must produce the following details before inspection or at the time of inspection of the farm for further process.

Check list details

  • Information about the land owner, lease contract (if not owned by operator).
  • Site map .
  • Location details: Latitude and Longitude, Survey No.
  • Crop production plan.
  • Registers maintained for keeping records such as inputs used, bills and invoices.
  • Soil report and Water report.
  • Boundary division map given by VAO.
  • PAN card copy and Aadhar card copy.
  • Buffer zones maintained.
  • Risk assessments will be made by the inspector during the time of inspection.

After verification of all the documents, contract is signed between the operator and certifying body stating that the certification policies are explained and must be followed by the operator. If certifying body finds the usage of conventional farming methods it can cancel the certificate at any time.

Inspection reports that are counter-signed by the operator is given to the operator and a copy is maintained by the Certifying Body. Quality Manager checks the inspection report given by the inspector and based on the inspection reports quality report is given. An Evaluation Committee forwards the reports given by the inspector and the quality manager along with Evaluation committee report to Certification Committee. After receiving all those reports from respected committees, certification committee decides and provides certification reports, based on which organic certificate can be generated from APEDA TRACE-NET by the accredited certifying body which will be in the form of ORG/SC/XXXXXXXX




valid for one year from the date of issue.

Simple steps to get your farm organically certified

Procedures to get organic certification in India
Procedures to get organic certificate in India


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How to make renewal ?

Renewal inspection will be made yearly once after the validity date i.e., within three months of the end date to renew the organic certificate. (If renewal inspection is not done within three months of end date, then again the certification procedures must start from first year of in conversion period). The operator has to inform the concern certifying body regarding the end of the validity date and make necessary steps for renewal inspection by Certifying Body. After completion of three years as IN CONVERSION PERIOD , the farm will attain Organic status. The scope certificate must be issued yearly once after the valid date which is provided by the APEDA.

Tariff details for certification process depends on Certifying body which we can verify in APEDA-Trace-Net Website also.

The list of Two Certifying bodies in Coimbatore , Tamil Nadu

  1. Tamil Nadu Organic Certification Department (TNOCD), Coimbatore. No 1424A, Thadagam road,GCT Post,Coimbatore-641013., 0422-2435080
  2. Indian Society for Certification of Organic Products (ISCOP), Coimbatore. No 135, Ponnurangam road (West), R.S.Puram,Coimbatore-641002. 0422-2546160